Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NAIT Open House "Big Shoot" - Oct. 1, 2009

Every year at our Open House the students produce a "big shoot" which requires a group effort to plan and design a set, gather the necessary props and models, light & photograph the result, and produce "teaser" directional signs to entice guests to come and visit our department.

This year the chosen theme was modelled on the Hasbro / Parker Brothers board game "Clue". All of the models are students within the program. Instructors Fletcher O'Grady and Ian Grant provided assistance and the photo shoot took place in a very brief (due to time constraints) flurry of activity. The photo session also gave the students a first experience with one of the program's new Phase One P21+ cameras, using it tethered to a MacBook Pro for the session.

Here's an example of the result . . .

Directional signs were produced using individual images of the characters, such as Mrs. White, Mr. Green and the other well known Clue characters.