Friday, December 2, 2011

Low key, middle key or high key - what is key?

So my second years are learning all about "key" when it comes to portraiture. They have been learning what it is and how to manipulate it with shutter speed and light control. Their first "key" assignment is that of "Low-Key" portraiture. This is a favoured area of many photographers when it comes to shooting. It allows us to create mood, drama and tension in our images and we even may consider converting them to "black and white"! Black and white with digital you say? You bet! Have a look and see for yourself.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Natural light really works

Our second students have been busy this term learning the fundamentals of portraiture. Most of the assignments have required that they use portable or studio flash equipment to provide the lighting necessary to create a pleasing portrait that fits with the theme. But sometimes nature over rules. There are many times we know that as professionals we have only natural light to work with. This latest assignment is no exception. The students were asked to create a natural light portrait of a couple. It was left wide open as to subject choice, location and concept. The results as expected varied in concept, execution and final result. Below is a sampling of their interpretation of "Couples Portrait" under natural light conditions. Enjoy!

Monday, October 31, 2011

McBain's Photo Expo

This past Sunday, October 30th, NAIT participated in a Photographic Tradeshow hosted by McBain's camera. The event was very successful and all people, from presenters to exhibitors to the general public seemed to have a great time. This was a gathering of likeminded people who love photography. Some came to listen to speakers, while others came to see cool new gear. Other's came to speak with great schools of photography like NAIT.

A large number of people came by the booth to talk about their passion for photography and their desire to enrol in our programming. We encouraged them to complete their entrance packages and ensure that they have the prerequisites. Here is one guest speaking to the program chair, Randy Zutter, about the tremendous programming that NAIT has to offer.

Friday, October 21, 2011

2nd Year Portable Flash Assignment

Our second years are well on their way in learning portrait lighting basics and how to apply them. With fall almost over they have explored the use of portable flash and how to apply it in an ambient environment. They are beginning to understand how they can control any situation and mold it to fit their own interpretive style with use of shutter speed and aperture. This assignment called for the use of two portable flashes to be used as they saw fit either on-location, outdoors or in the studio. One half of the class (Group A) has handed their assignments in and been marked. Watch for an updated posting with Group B's interpretation.

Outdoor portrait season all done

Our second year students have been busy taking advantage of the warm, sunny fall weather taking outdoor portraits for their 3rd portrait assignment. The assignment was based on interpreting natural light and how it can be supplemented with reflectors in an additive or subtractive way or with portable flash. As we all know this can be a testy situation with the sun peaking in and out of clouds, weather changing etc. I am proud to say they all survived the ordeal and are now seasoned pros at shooting outdoor portraits. Below please find (4) students varied interpretation of "Outdoor Portrait". Enjoy!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Big Shoot 2011/12

Well, our year one and year two photography students pulled it off again! The Big Shoot has been a tremendous success! From concept to shooting, and editing to printing this image exudes the Archie Andrews theme we were going for. Way to go students.

Let's take a close look at this image. We can see that Archie Andrews is up to his old tricks. On one arm he has the lovely and wholesome Betty while that vixen, Veronica, is certainly catching his eye! What will Archie do? That is the question for the ages. Archie cannot get advice from Jughead as we can also see, he is oblivious to anything outside of food. Less competition, Archie but no love life help! Good luck with that decision....maybe you can remember who Archie ended up marrying?

Our Open House is starting today and we welcome all visitors and prospective students to this great event. Our students have put on quite the display of prints from their work over the past two years. There is a great deal of talent in our midst and we are always willing to share our talents with the public.

Please stop by our Big Shoot room to see the set-up and maybe get a chance to chat with an Archie character or two. You can also come and see our display in the NAIT gym. Chat with current students and staff about your passion for photography. There might be a place for you in our program. We will be around from 9-3 on Friday and from 10-3 on Saturday, on October 14th and 15th.

For those of you who enjoy the processes found within the editing of an image. This video is for you. Enjoy watching this image evolve from beginning to end.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Building a Community

Here we are at Fort Edmonton on a cool October day. What a great looking group! The book-ends on this photo really ties the group together, don't you think?

All of our first and second year Photographic Technology students spent the afternoon exploring the park and exploring their photographic talents. This was a tremendous day and a great bonding experience for us all!

Here is a little video of our some of our shots. Enjoy and hope to see you all out at our Open House on October 14th and 15th of this month. If you are interested in photography and looking for a terrific program that will enhance your understanding of the art and science of photography then please stop by our booth and visit our classrooms! Now for the video.....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

First 2nd Year Portrait Assignment for Fall 2011

Now that we are well into our first month of classes the student's are busy shooting and handing in the variety of assignments that are due. PHT 350_Portraiture I is no exception. Their first assignment "4 Light Review" is a chance to revisit the fundamentals of a 4 light setup and apply it in a portrait session. They are required to use 4 lights (Main, Fill, Separation and Background) to create a pleasing portrait of their subject. In order for a student's images to appear on our NAIT Photo Blog we have set the minimum mark to be 80% or higher. I am pleased to present our first set of images for your viewing pleasure - enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photographic Technology's Annual "Thesis Night"

It's time for our Annual Thesis Night event, happening Wednesday, Feb. 2nd, beginning at 7:00 pm in the Shaw Theatre on NAIT's Main Campus. Come join us and view the results of our students' third semester project. Each student chooses a theme and illustrates their topic through the creation of 15 - 20 images on the theme. You can expect to see a wide variety of themes, and some amazing imagery. Please join us for this celebration.