Friday, April 27, 2012

Light what it sees

"Light what is sees" is a key factor in lighting reflective surfaces. Our first years had a taste of that as they had to create an image of a reflective metal surface. It was left wide open to them as to the subject matter but the principles of reflective surface photography had to be followed. It was interesting to see what their creative was with the reflective surface they chose to photograph. I was very pleased with the final results of their reflective endeavour.

It's all about the Glamour

To finish off this portrait term the second years took a look at the Glamour side of photography. Glamour photography grew out of Hollywood in the thirties and have expanded and grown since. It now has many interpretations and can take on many forms depending on the photographer. The students are no exception as their work was interpretive and varied.

Recreating the Master's

Portrait Style's is a student favourite assignment every year. It gives them the chance to emulate the style of a famous photographer who they admire. It does not matter whether they have passed on or are still with us. All they have to do is pick an individual photographer that they like and recreate it themselves. The choice of photographers is varied as are the results. Some student's were very successful in recreating their chosen photographer's style. You be the judge!

Joe McNally

Jill Greenberg

Richard Avedon

George Hurrell

Who Say's Kids Are Not Cute!

Children are a big part of all our lives. They can also be a big part of an individual studios specialty as well. Our second years had a chance to see if it was an area of photography that they might have a hidden talent for. We discussed the market, kid's attention span and working with the parents of those kids. Then it was their turn to test the waters and come up with a "Child Portrait". The stage was set for them to capture a portrait of a 3 month to 6 year old child for their assignment and hand it in to be marked. See what you think - I think that they did a great job!

Group Portraits are In!

So the second years all year long have been studying the fundamentals of lighting and posing with individual people. Now we have taken it up a notch and added more people so that they can see how to photograph a "Group". The basis of this assignment was to create a group portrait either in the studio or on-location with three or more people. Have a look below and see what you think of their efforts.