Friday, March 2, 2012

First Years Learn the Basics of Portable Flash

Our first year students have this term started to study the basics of lighting with portable flash units. We have discussed how to make use of portable flash and the advantages of taking them off-camera to  dramatically improve their images. But of course using one flash is never enough so we then moved on to how to use multiple units to light their subjects. I then talked them about the dreaded "green" pics we have all taken using flash under fluorescent lights and how we correct for martian green occurrences by incorporating the use of "CC" gels. To confirm understanding of shooting under mixed lighting conditions with flash I gave them an assignment. The assignment called for the use of two portable flashes to illuminate their subject under fluorescent conditions but still maintain the ambience in the scene. I am pleased to offer the following images for your review.

Only One Light

To challenge my second years I have a block in PHT 450 Portraiture that demonstrates the use of one light. Of course there is an assignment the purpose of which is to test their creativity and gain more experience in capturing a portrait using a single light source (flash). They were required to create a series of (4) individual portraits of their subject from the same session. Each of these portraits were to be distinctly different from one another. The results were very interesting. Below are some of the results - enjoy!