Thursday, December 17, 2009


The crystallographic assignment is one assignment in PHT110 Image Communications, a course intended to teach two-dimensional design to photography students. One of the goals of the course is to help students realize how articulate space itself can be. So this assignment has a triple-pronged intent:

 to train the eye to see subject matter where it might not have looked for it in the past

 to allow the students to use their photographic skills

 to design a larger space that will allow their photography it’s maximum potential.

 (There’s also a subversive intent; to intimidate the student with polysyllabic words! But we don’t admit that up front.)

The outline of the assignment has the student choose an object. They then must photograph at least nine different examples of that object and arrange the nine photographs in a grid. Some leeway is granted in the interpretation of the assignment as the examples will attest. After all, design has a way of taking charge.

The following examples show the diversity and range of the human imagination even when tethered to a set of conditions. They are imaginative, creative and humourous.

Fletcher O'Grady
Instructor, Photographic Technology

Desiree Abt

Leah Bignell

Shawn Gilhespy

Dwayne Martineau

Delain Witzaney

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alberta Milk Shoot

Alberta Milk teamed up with NAIT Culinary Arts and Photographic Technology students to produce their next set of recipe cards. There are six recipes featured with three of them shot on Monday, December 14th. Ian Grant, Jeanette Janzen, Gord Heatley, Yesam Ham, Karmen Meyer, Brendan Klem and Miriam Den Oudsten all played a part in creating the three recipes photographed on Monday. The remaining three recipes are being photographed in Nisku at Fabulous Foods facility with food stylist Lovoni Walker on Wednesday, December 16th. Watch for a posting of the final results.

Friday, December 11, 2009

PHT 370 Still Life

Our second year students have just completed their Commercial/Industrial course and submitted the last assignment titled "Still Life". The interpretation and execution of a "Still-Life" image was left to their own creativity. I am pleased to show some of their work below for you to admire.

Jeanette Janzen

Karmen Meyer

Bobbi Ryan

Thursday, December 10, 2009

PHT 350 High Key Portraits

One of the last assignments in our Portrait I class is the "High Key" portrait. It can be a challenge to create what is classified as high key portraits. I think that you will agree with me that the following are all a very strong representation of the "High Key" portrait created by some of our second year students. Enjoy.

Tami Paul

Yesan Ham

Karmen Meyer

Jeanette Janzen

Jessica Loughlin

Trevor Burns

Brendan Klem

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Follow-Up To the Annual Print Sale and Display

The students' Annual Print Sale and Display was held on Nov. 26 & 27 and was a good success, once again. Numerous positive comments on the display and the overall quality of the photographs were shared and appreciated by the students. Over 40 photographs were purchased and after expenses this generated a donation of ~$750 to The Rainbow Society Of Alberta, a non-profit, registered charity dedicated to fulfilling wishes of Alberta children with chronic or life threatening illnesses.

As a component of the show, visitors were asked to vote on their favourite Colour and B&W images. The People's Choice awards for this year went to to 1st Year student Dwayne Martineau for best colour photograph and to 2nd Year student Jeanette Janzen for best B&W photograph. These choices are illustrated below.

People's Choice Awards

Best Colour Photo - Dwayne Martineau

Best B&W Photo - Jeanette Janzen

Food Photography Assignment - - PHT370 Commercial / Industrial Photography Class

In the Commercial / Industrial Photography course, instructor Fletcher O'Grady has the students do an assignment to experience food photography. The objective is to produce a photograph that illustrates a particular recipe and specifies that "The accent is to be on the food with the intent of making the food as delectable, sensuous and appetizing as your photographic abilities can make it."

Besides the classroom instruction, the students also went on a field trip to view the food photography expertise of Edmonton photographer Stephe Tate as he produces images for the cookbooks of "Company's Coming".

The images below are two samples of the student results, with photos provided by Jeanette Janzen and Jessica Loughlin. The recipe for Jeanette's Crepe Parcels  is also available by clicking on the recipe image below.

Jeanette Janzen

Jessica Loughlin

Recipe for Crepe Parcels

Monday, December 7, 2009

PHT125 Critique Course - - "Chinatown" Theme

One of the advantages of attending a photography course with other students is that you learn from your peers as well as your instructors. The "Critique" course is a prime example of this. All of the first year students photograph on the same theme and the results are viewed and discussed in front of the class. In the process of this, the student sees 20-some interpretations of the same theme, and also hears a variety of reactions / interpretations / comments on all of the images submitted.

A recent theme was the single word, "Chinatown". For this theme the students were allowed to use digital imaging for the first time in the course, and also use colour for the first time (or B&W - - their choice).

Here are some of the results submitted . . .
Adam Corcoran

Kat Hawn

Dwayne Martineau

Dusty Warholik

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PHT 125 - Critique Student Assignments

PHT 125 Critique is a first year weekly class that the students participate in by submitting images to be judged by each their instructors. Each week students capture and submit images that are their individual interpretation of the weekly themes assigned. It is not only a chance for them to make use of fundamentals taught but also to start developing their own creative style and interpretation. One of the recent themes assigned was "When I Grow Up". It is my pleasure to display some of these students interpretations of this theme.

Desiree Abt

Jamie Anderson-Reid

Leah Bignell

Claro Cagulada