Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Evoke emotion using the colour red - Critique - Edmonton Photography School

The second topic for critique was selected by the second year students.  This is the first time that the second year students were the judges in critique class.  The images were graded by each of the students, and their mark was derived from the average of the results.

It was interesting to see the variations in the marks and feedback from 18 different individuals.  It is a testament to how much art is subjective.  It was also an exercise for the second year students to practice constructive criticism, and evaluating other individual's work.  Something that is more difficult than many might expect.

This week's topic was to "Evoke emotion using the colour red".  There were many images that centred around the themes of passion, leading to a few racier images.  However, many of the more successful images had a blood component in them.

Below are the 6 images that received the highest marks as chosen by the Second Year NAIT Photographic Technology students.

Sara Watson

 Janine Esplin

 Christophe Benard

 Charissa Kennedy

 Riane Lutz

Penny Vanderheyden

Friday, January 25, 2013

What I Feel - Critique

A new semester, a new critique class.

The first year students have moved into the second semester.  They have 4 months of education behind them and a whole bunch of knowledge to apply to their new work.

This semester of Critique class now features some guest critique judges.  These judges volunteer their valuable time to evaluate the images, and then come in and give feedback to the image makers.

There are 11 guest judges and topics this semester, and the first one was Con Tanasiuk of Genesis Studio.  The topic that he selected is as follows:

Most of us have a good idea of how to use our heads ( reason), to make a good photo.
I would argue a great photo is more.
Its often intuitive as well as reason based.
Trust yourself; let go and see what happens.
Your focus: "what I feel"

Some of the top images that were selected by Con are below.  Which images are your favourite?

- Shaun

Amber Cleasby

Christophe Benard

Charissa Kennedy

Courtney Bergen

Riane Lutz
Tanya Hiltz

Megan Kruse