Tuesday, November 2, 2010

PHT 350 Couple's Portrait Assignment

Continuing with the theme based assignments for PHT 350 the second year students have successfully handed in their “Couple’s Portrait” assignment. Interpretations for this assignment were left in the hands of the students however, the image captured had to be taken under available light conditions with no use of flash to supplement. The results, as expected, were varied but a couple of them came away with a very nice “Couples” portrait. Enjoy.

Diane Herron

Patrick Zubiri

Amanda Luethi

PHT 350 Portrait Class_Outdoor Portrait

Our second year students are presently taking a class titled PHT 350 –Portraiture. This class is designed to introduce them to the fundamentals of portrait photography and the various lighting techniques used. The class starts with the basics of lighting and progresses to include outdoor, couples, portable flash, low key and high key techniques. Their second assignment titled “Outdoor Portrait” resulted in some very strong imagery being handed in. Three of the students work is below for your viewing pleasure.

Leah Bignell

Dwayne Martineau

Desiree Abt