Friday, February 15, 2013

Critique - Painting with Light

This past weeks critique was selected and critiqued by Corey Hochachka of Troglodyte Photography.  The topic was painting with light which could be taken as a theme, or a technique.  The traditional methods of Light Painting involve extra long exposures, and the use of light sources as a paintbrush.  There have been more and more experiments with light painting lately, and therefore many new modern techniques have evolved.  

The students have created some interesting images, and there are a few really great ones in this set.  Which of these images do you find yourself drawn to the most?

Penny VanderHeyden
Charissa Kennedy

 Christophe Benard
 Megan Kruse

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Critique - In Camera Illusions

The third critique topic for this semester was entitled "In Camera Illusions".  The students were to create an image that exhibited a creative illusion, without the use of photoshop.  The guest critique judge was Renee Robyn, a very talented local photographer who creates illusions in and out of camera..

Some of the images that received the highest marks are below.

Kelsey Somers

 Tara Joyce

Lauren Voisin

Jesse Kushneryk

 Riane Lutz