Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thesis Night "Teaser"

Reminder - - Our "Annual Thesis Night" event occurs on Monday, Feb. 1st / 7:00 pm in the Shaw Theatre on the NAIT main campus. Check the earlier (Jan. 18th) post for the poster & details.

The Photographic Thesis course / project has the students exploring a chosen topic through the production of 15 - 20 images on their theme. The following are just a few samples of the varied themes and imagery that you can expect to see as the students present their images "on the big screen". Twenty students will be presenting their results . . . come and see what they have created.

Yesan Hem - - designed original movie posters for fictitious movies of varied genres.

Nikita Gushue - -  chose to create tributes to people in the entertainment world.


Jeanette Janzen - - photographed fifteen individuals who live on the streets of Edmonton, chosen to illustrate specific characteristics such as persistence, humour, gentlenesss, strength, and more.

 Gord Heatley - - focused his camera and his attention to the theme of "Marking Time".

Karmen Meyer - - took her joy of reading as the impetus to create photographs that reflect stories she has read, with the depictions being led by a scene, or an emotion, or a motif from the story.


Bobbi Ryan - - went with a theme of "umbrellas".

Kristen Bass - - chose the theme of "Timeless Vanity" which was her homage to the work of fashion photographers from the 1920's through to the 1960's.

Kevin Stachniak - - photographed "Alberta Wild", landscapes from around the province.

The preceding images give some sense of the variety, and the quality of the photographic imagery that you can expect at the Annual Thesis Night. Join us if you can.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Annual Thesis Night - February 1st, 2010

The Photographic Technology program is once again pleased to present the outstanding results of the third semester Photographic Thesis project. The event this year is scheduled for Monday, February 1st beginning at 7:00 pm in the Shaw Theatre (X123) on the NAIT Main Campus. The show will run approximately 1.5 hours and there will be a chance to visit and interact with the students after the showing. We invite you to join us.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Vue Weekly Article on the Photographic Technology Program

The current issue of Vue Weekly, "Edmonton's 100% Independent News & Entertainment Weekly", features an article on the NAIT Photographic Technology program in the Education section. Have a look at the article.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Computer Tech Editorial Portrait

As part of the PHT 350 Portrait course I demonstrate the principals for each of the portrait concepts taught in class. The last concept "Editorial Portrait" I decided to use one of our staff members who has been on an exercise mission since late June. Henry, our Computer Tech, has been riding to work and swimming each day as part of his exercise regime. To celebrate his success I asked if he would mind being a subject for my "Editorial" demonstration. Below is the final result and my interpretation of his success - enjoy

PHT 350 Editorial Portrait

Happy New Year everyone. The second year students have completed there third semester portrait couse. The last assignment was an "Editorial"assignment that was left to each student to interpret in their own way. As you will see from the images shown below the interpretation was very individual. Thanks for viewing our portrait assignments from last fall. We look forward to presenting new submissions this next semester.

Bobbi Ryan

Jeanette Janzen

Tami Paul

Karmen Meyer